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Analogue Fellowship
FM Acoustics at KLAV
FM Acoustics at KLAV 2018 - Analogue Fel
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.9 MB

Or read the article here.

The Holy Grail of Sound - Ritmo
Experiencing FM ACOUSTICS
El Santo Grial del sonido.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.5 MB
Audio Art Interview
Interview with Manuel Huber for the Taiwanese Audio Art Magazine.
Adobe Acrobat Document 12.7 MB
Audiogallery Review
140102_Review FM acoustics Christmas mar
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.0 MB
Adobe Acrobat Document 183.2 KB
Audio Art Magazine
Article in Audio Art Magazine on the Inspiration System XS-I with FM 268, FM 1811. Mandarin. (60mB)
001Audio Art XS-I 9p.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 57.3 MB
Fedelta del Suono on FM 155/108
Fedelta 194 2.12.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 5.0 MB
Haute Fidelite FM 255 / FM 111 review
Experiencing FM ACOUSTICS most
successful line stage. French.
Adobe Acrobat Document 5.9 MB
Monthly Audio Magazine
Article on FM 108 in Monthly Audio Magazine. Korean. (20mB)
Adobe Acrobat Document 18.6 MB
Haute Fidelite 122-222 review
French article describing some of the unique characteristics of FM ACOUSTICS phono linearizers.
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.9 MB
Audioland: Review of FM 268 Linearizer/Pre-Amplifier and FM 2011 Power Amplifier.
Hong Kong Review. Mandarin.
Adobe Acrobat Document 788.2 KB
Swiss Neutrality
Adobe Acrobat Document 103.0 KB
Like a Swiss Watch
Adobe Acrobat Document 192.6 KB
Audioland: Review of FM 155 & F10B
Hong Kong Review. Mandarin.
Adobe Acrobat Document 574.3 KB
Fm Acoustics 222 Mk II
Image Rev 222-II.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 807.7 KB
Audio Land Coverstory
FM 222, 266, 330, 611X
Audio Land Coverstory.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.4 MB
FM Acoustics Resolution Serie 811 Serie 244
la nouvell 811-244.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.8 MB
La Nouvelle Revue Du Son
English translation of above
Adobe Acrobat Document 51.4 KB
Audiophile: Power Amplifiers and real-world speaker impedances
Article in Audiophile. English.
Adobe Acrobat Document 490.1 KB
Audiophile: The truth about balancing
Article in Audiophile. English.
Adobe Acrobat Document 120.3 KB about the
FM ACOUSTICS FM 155, FM 133, FM 108

A seriously researched in-depth review can provide great insight into a product which otherwise a potential user might not be able to get. This is where responsable reporting comes into play.

Any review should be read conciously. It can only be a guide. It is only of use if you have some similar musical inclinations as the writer. If say, the reviewer has experience with R&R, he may not have the background to report accurately when the unit under review is used for combo jazz or for symphonic music. The product may not at all be suited for someone who likes such music styles. Such a review leads to wrong conclusions or may be outright misleading.
It is a good idea to read a few different reports of the same reviewer thereby getting a feel for what he listenes to and what characteristics are important to him.

It is an unfortunate fact that not all reviewers take a neutral stance, so when reading a review be aware that some reviewers may have a bias towards certain brands because of reasons not stated or may otherwise have been 'motivated' *.

Never invest in any audio product before hearing it for yourself in carefully controlled surroundings with a variety of sources and on the same or a very similar system as your own.
...and, remember to always judge with your own ears (holding a review next to your ear will not produce music...).

While most reviewers try to retain an independent stance, sometimes less ethical reviewers are carried away. Some even have succumbed to "pecuniar enticements" to favour a certain produc.

* An example of what can be experienced: a while ago we were contacted by a well known reviewer who asked to be supplied a number of different P.I.T. cables for trials. A few days after receiving them he called us, enthusiastically reporting the fantastic improvements he was able to get with the cables. He then added that the review would be "sensational" so would we please sign an agreement for a number of advertisements "to support this".
We made it quite clear that such methods are not in line with the philosophy of FM ACOUSTICS.
Not only did the review never appear but we never got back our cables worth 10'000 Swiss Francs. He did not sell the P.I.T. cables (yes, another "reviewer" actually sold the FM ACOUSTICS unit that was loaned for a review - and did not pay for it...) but is still using them today as his absolute reference and - only when asked specifically - admits to visitors that the system loses fidelity when he replaces them with other cables...

The reviews included here were written by well known, seasoned writers and are informative even if they are not able to explain every little detail in full because of space constraints.

No form of compensation was received by any reviewer and no units were 'loaned permanently'...


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