Career Opportunities


1. Electronics Engineer


Ultra careful senior engineer with very  extensive experience in analogue audio and HF circuits. You are responsible for calibration, pre-test, fine-tuning, final test to highest standards.

Calm, analytical individual dedicated to "old style" excellence. 


Swiss or foreigner with work permit. Part time employment may be considered. Long term position.



2. Communication / Marketing Specialist


Responsibilities include communication with clients and suppliers worldwide, marketing co-ordination, brochure and instruction manual layout, assistance to managing director and a flexibility to solve a variety of issues that occur in a smaller internationally active company.




- Multi lingual; perfect command of English and fluency in German, other languages an advantage.

- Experienced with usual computer software and layout programs

- Analytical thinking capability

- Willingness to learn

- Absolutely meticulous attention to detail and very exact execution

- Self-motivated individual that thrives in a quite unusual "no stress" environment


Swiss or foreigner with work permit. Part time employment may be considered. This is a long term position.



3. Precision Hand-soldering Specialist


Very careful individual for hand soldering pcb's, performing component selection and light assembly work. Applicant must be experienced and very quality conscious. 

Swiss or foreigner with work permit. Part time or flexible time employment, long term position. 



Location for all positions is FM ACOUSTICS' headquarters in Egg near Zurich, Switzerland.


Apply by letter or email to with CV, pertinent information and references.




Uninvited visits to the factory are not accepted and will lead to disappointment.