Careful !


The high value of used FM ACOUSTICS equipment is attractive for unscrupulous characters who take advantage of the situation and target unsuspecting clients.

The web makes it easy to deliberately spread false information. The range of misinformation is wide: from false product information to fake reviews ("experts" that write about a unit and actually never heard one...), from wrong delivery terms to absurd price information (some "would like to be" competitors use this tactic to try to steer away clients to another brand which they can offer at hefty discounts), there are many variations.


Information must be taken with a grain of salt. Always question if it makes sense.
The best source of accurate information are the official FM ACOUSTICS distributors. They know and can provide correct information. 


Recently, several rather blunt frauds have been reported, both on the internet and on auction sites. A couple of nice pictures and the promise of a "great deal" make some people dismiss the most basic caution.


This is a warning against purchasing any unheard / unseen product be it over the internet, on auction sites or elsewhere.

One does not know if the offer and product are genuine nor is it possible to verify performance and condition.

Avoid disappointment by  only  considering units that come from the official local FM ACOUSTICS representative where the history of the product is known.


For those whose budget is not sufficient for a new FM ACOUSTICS it is best to contact FM ACOUSTICS' official local distributor. He is the one who knows best what is - or may become - available in decent condition.


Always remember:


when an offer sounds too good to be true, it usually "IS" too good to be true!




FM ACOUSTICS received further orders to supply precision power amplifiers to several world leading studios as well as to a further concert hall. Astonishing: these orders were won despite the fact that there was no way that FM ACOUSTICS could compete on monetary terms (our prices were far above the competitors; in fact 260% - 700% higher...).

This is a testimony to the singular quality of reproduction that is achieved with an FM ACOUSTICS and shows the dedication of real professionals.  

As one engineer remarks: 


"The moment I insert the FM ACOUSTICS power amplifier the insecurity is gone. With other amps we are never  really  sure - the results are not consistent but vary from one amp to the next, so one is not sure if one of them may or may not work.

With the FM's the guesswork is gone, everything immediately becomes defined and obvious. The result is much more efficient work. Thanks to this we are saving hours every day and that convinced the management that this is a good investment."