Net Price Policy

FM ACOUSTICS employs a NET price policy whereby artificially inflated prices and corresponding excessive discounts - rather common in the audio market - are avoided. FM ACOUSTICS' prices are NET exclusive of any applicable local taxes such as V.A.T., luxury, excise and similar taxes and apply when products are collected and if paid for in advance. Additional charges may be incurred for different payment methods and other services such as delivery, insurance, installation, etc.

Do not expect your distributor to extend discounts. They are not able to. They receive reasonable compensation for their efforts and long term support - but that number is not excessive as quite usual in the audio market. So they are unable to extend "special" prices.
This NET price policy guarantees that all customers worldwide receive fair treatment and that, with the exception of local taxes, purchase conditions are identical. It is for the benefit of all who invest in an FM ACOUSTICS' as in this way products are honestly priced and the resale value remains most advantageous.

By creating artificially high price tags of their products, other manufacturers try to impress that their products are of similar standard and performance as an FM ACOUSTICS, so that they can then entice their clients with artificially large discounts. Actually, those clients purchase discount, not value.     

Some have tried this 'overpricing and large discount game' and were able to sell a number of pieces. However, it does not appear that it has been a success for any length of time.
Many a product vanished almost as quickly as it came onto the market. Today, such products can be found in the used market at a small fraction of their original price. Despite the initial "great" discount the "deal" often turns out to be less great...   

No doubt there will be more such products with all kinds of fancy features or expensive looking design pieces etc.

Some of these products are fine for buyers who need a status symbol or a fancy piece of furniture. For these and other reasons, a choice of products is most welcome.

FM ACOUSTICS, however, will not be involved in "designer products". We are here for the music.

A good indication of a unit's real worth is the 2nd hand value. Check the second hand prices of decent FM ACOUSTICS units. This will say more than a thousand words.

On the net long outdated or intentionally falsified prices and information is published by less than reputable individuals and dealers (often, those that - for various reasons – are not supplied with FM ACOUSTICS products). FM ACOUSTICS takes action against anyone who disseminates blatant mis-information.

FM ACOUSTICS only quotes prices in Swiss Francs (CHF) as the constant exchange rate shifts make it impossible to keep accurate price lists in other currencies. For the convenience of local clients our distributors may quote in other currencies but the prices will always be in direct relation to the Swiss Franc price times the current exchange rate.

For accurate pricing contact your official FM ACOUSTICS distributor or FM ACOUSTICS Switzerland direct rather than relying on figures stated on the net or elsewhere.