Privacy Statement

When it comes to privacy not everyone practices what they preach. Some keep lax or no controls on the address files, some mail incessantly trying to get your attention to buy the latest gimmick. Some print statements on the outside of envelopes that may be compromising and some sell your name and address to other companies.

FM ACOUSTICS LTD values the privacy of our clients and persons interested in our products.

Our promise of confidentiality and code of practice:

We will never rent / sell or in other way make available anybody's name or details without prior permission from the respective person.

We will never bombard anyone with unwanted mail.

At the same time we need some basic information from you to allow the mail to arrive. There may be other questions in our forms. If you feel that any question does not value your privacy or in other way is not needed or appropriate, please just leave the space empty.


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Last updated : 23.04.2024