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After hearing the outstanding performance, inspecting the manufacturing standard and studying the literature one will get an initial idea of the tremendous efforts that go into each product carrying the name FM ACOUSTICS.

The major quality and performance differences between the various makes are not immediately obvious from the outside, however, inside the units vast differences in craftsmanship and technology can be found.

When just comparing datasheets it is easy to forget the entirely different standards of design, manufacturing technology and craftsmanship that are employed in FM ACOUSTICS products. These points - which are detectable below the surface - combine to yield the absolutely unmatched performance realism that separates an FM ACOUSTICS from the rest.


Words can hardly describe the phenomenal improvements when other audio electronics are replaced with FM ACOUSTICS precision electronics. However, comments received from world leading musicians, producers, engineers and listeners may give an idea of what professionals and music aficionados with extensive experience feel is important to say about FM ACOUSTICS products.


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