FM ACOUSTICS products are used by an ever growing number of musicians, producers, studios, concert halls and other professionals. Some of them have asked us not to use their name in public, which is fully appreciated and complied with. Therefore, the list below is only a partial list of studios and mastering studios whose association with FM ACOUSTICS equipment has been reported.


References were unsolicited and no compensation of any kind was obtained. The references are listed alphabetically.

Abbey Road, U.K.
ABC Studios, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Academica Recording Studios, Germany
Alpha Records, Milano, Italy
Amuse Studios, Tokyo, Japan
Aria Studio, S.Michele Appiano, Italy
Artag Studio AG, Zürich, Switzerland
Art Plaza 1000, Tokyo, Japan
Asia Recording Studio, Taiwan
A String Studio, Taiwan
Atmosphere Studios, Switzerland
Audio International Studios, U.K.
Audio-Video Studio, Switzerland
Avantgarde Studios, Italy
Backstage Studios, U.S.A.
Bavaria Studios, Germany
Bel Music, Milano, Italy
Beyue Recording Co. Taiyuan, China
BHC Studios, Milan, Italy
BIPS Recording Studio, Milan, Italy
Brook House Studios, Suffolk, U.K.
Burnish Stone Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Cabana Studio, Paris, France
CAP Studios, Milan, Italy
Casablanca Studios, Massa, Italy
Cave Digital Studios, Milan, Italy
CBS Listening Room, Century City, L.A., U.S.A.
Celesta Records, Portogruaro, Venice, Italy
Chapter & Verse Media Inc., Nashville, U.S.A.
Cherry Island Studios, Tokyo, Japan
Chez Billo, Milano, Italy
China HAVT Audio and Video Co. Ltd., Anhui, China
CMS Studios, Tokyo, Japan
Comforts Place, Surrey, U.K.
Condulmer Recording Studios, Treviso, Italy
Daedo Recording Studios, Seoul, Korea
Studios Davout, Paris, France
Dee Jay's Gang Studio, Milano, Italy
Des Dames Studio, Paris, France
Dimension Recording Studios, Lucerne, Switzerland
DMP Recordings, Stamford, Ct., U.S.A.
Klaus Doldinger Studios, Munich, Germany
DVC, Tokyo, Japan
East Iris Studio, Belle Meade, U.S.A.
Emerald Sound Studios, Nashville, U.S.A.
EMI/Jeil Records, Seoul, Korea
EMI/Toshiba, Terra Studios, Tokyo, Japan
Erios Ediz. Musicali - Vallecrosia, Italy
Ekzakt Studios, Deurnem Antwerp, Belgium
Excalibur Studios, Milan, Italy
Farm Studio, Cessalto, Italy
Flame Recording Studios, London, U.K.
Flower Sound di Umberto Cernigoj, Milano, Italy
Freedom Studios, Tokyo, Japan
Grande Armée Studios, Paris, France
GRS Recording Studios, Milan, Italy
Guillaume Tell Studios, Paris, France
G7 Recording Studio, Torino, Italy
Han Kook Record Co., Ltd., Seoul, Korea
Hattori Tonstudio, Gersau, Switzerland
Havana Productions, Peschiera del Garda, Italy
Hitech Labo Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Hitokuchizaka Studios, Tokyo, Japan
Hole Records, Milan, Italy
House of Blues
Hyundai Recording Studios, Seoul, Korea
Icanelly, Paris, France
II Cortile Recording Studio, Milan, Italy
Intensity Studios, Milan, Italy
Israel Broadcasting Corp. Jerusalem, Israel
Jankovski Tonstudio, Frankfurt, Germany
Jeil Recording Studios, Seoul, Korea
Jerusalem Music Center, Jerusalem, Israel
Jigu Recording/CBS, Seoul, Korea
Jinglebell di Flavio Premoli, Induno Olona, Italy
Jingle Jangle Studios, Switzerland
Kawaguchiko Studios, Kawaguchiko, Japan
Kim Studios, Tokyo, Japan
King Records, Seoul, Korea
Kiva Recording Studios, Memphis, U.S.A.
Mutt Lange's Studios, London, U.K.
Lark Studios, Carimate, Italy
Larrain Studios, Caracas, Venezuela
Life Studio, Taipei, Taiwan
LMR Recording Studio, Bolzano, Italy
Magic Studios, Milan, Italy
Masterfonics Studios, Nashville, U.S.A.
Masters Tonstudio, St. Gallen, Switzerland
May Day, Milano, Italy
MCI Mobile Recording Studio
Mega Studios, Paris, France
Melodia Studios, Moscow, Russia
Metronome Recording Studio, Encino, CA, U.S.A.
Midi Studio, Taipei, Taiwan
Miyoshi Listening Room, Tokyo, Japan
Mobile Recording Studios, Denmark
Moody Studios, London, England
Morning Studios, Milan, Italy
Moreschi Recording, Italy
Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland
Il Mulino Recording, Acquap., Italy
Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany
Namakawa Recording Studios, Japan
New Sound Studios, Pfäffikon, Switzerland
NHK, National Broadcasting Corp., Tokyo, Japan
Nightwing Studio, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
NTM, Vimodrone, Italy
Odyssey Productions, Nashville, TN., U.S.A.
Ole Records, Milan, Italy
Olympia Studios, Ralph Siegl, Munich, Germany
One World Productions, Kawasaki, Japan
Pan Studio, Yokohama, Japan
Paradise Tonstudio, Munich, Germany
Pasha Recording Studios, Hollywood, U.S.A.
PDR Studios, Catania, Italy
Pioneer Electric Corp., Tokyo, Japan
Plattform, Studios Sète, France
The Place, Lucerne, Switzerland
Conny Plank Studios, Neunkirchen, Germany
Polderweg Studios, Amsterdam, Holland
Pony Canyon Studios, Tokyo, Japan
Precisal Studio, Gravellona Lomellina, Italy
Prof. Prod. & Recording Studio, Taipei, Taiwan
PSA Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Psycho Recording Studios, Milano, Italy
PWL Recording, London, England
RA.SH Studios, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Real World, Bath, U.K.
Record Plant, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Rekon Studio, Merano, Italy
Rhino Recording, Mmambatho, Bophutatswana
Robyx Studios, Massa Carrara, Italy
Rockhouse Blu Studio, Italy
Royaltone Studios, Hollywood, U.S.A.
Scaccomatto Studios, Lavagna, Italy
Werner Schnell's Studios, Munich, Germany
Seoul Recording Studio, Seoul, Korea
Shinsegae Studio, Seoul, Korea
Siam-Play Recording Studios, Milan, Italy
Silver Creek Sound, Nashville, U.S.A.
Societe de la Cordee "Les Amandines", Sete, France
Someway Studios, Tokyo, Japan
Sonomaster, Stuttgart, Germany
Sound Arts, Recording Studios, Los Angeles U.S.A.
Sound City Recording Studios, Tokyo,
Soundscape Recording Studios, Atlanta, U.S.A.
Sound Stage Recording Studio, Nashville, U.S.A.
Soundville Recording Studios, Lucerne, Switzerland
Spazio Sud, Napoli, Italy
Studio Delphine, Paris, France
Studio La Bastille, Paris, France
Studio One, Saughall, Chester, England
Studio Sitar, Pontevedra, Spain
Sun Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark
Sunrise Studios, Wetzikon, Switzerland
Suramericana del Disco, Caracas, Venezuela
SRG, Swiss Radio and TV Corp., Switzerland
TAD/Pioneer (for Reference System), Tokyo, Japan
Tae Kwang Records, Seoul, Korea
Taihei Studios, Tokyo, Japan
Tape One Studios, London, England
TCA, Tokyo, Japan
Tecno Studios, Madrid, Spain
Telarc International Corp., Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.
TGR Recording Studio, An Yang City, Korea
Tienjin Audio/Video Co., Tienjin, PRC
The Music Palace, New York, U.S.A.
Tonstudio Wendt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Topanga Skyline Studios, Topanga Park, CA, U.S.A.
Top Studios, Taipei, Taiwan
Trident Recording Studio, Muggio', Milano, Italy
TTS Studios, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Valley Studios, Lausanne, Switzerland
Video Tech, Tokyo, Japan
Vincent Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Villagio Recording Studio, Agrate Brianza, Italy
Volume SRL, Milano, Italy
Walldorf Studio, Dreieich, Germany
Warner-Pioneer Studios, Tokyo, Japan
WEA (Warner/Elektra/Atlantic) Records, Milano, Italy
West Three Studios, London, England
Wool Hall Studios, Bechington/Bath, England
Z Studio, Zürich, Switzerland
Z'd Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Zack Studios, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Zero Studios, Tokyo, Japan



Record Cutting Centers


AB Television, France

Chateau de Pape Mastering, Hamburg, Germany

Georgetown Mastering, Nashville, U.S.A.
Masterfonics, Nashville, U.S.A.

Polygram Ltd., London, U.K.
Sterling Sound, U.S.A.
SSTG Mastering Studios, Seoul, Korea



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