Radio, TV and Other Users

FM ACOUSTICS products are used by an ever growing number of musicians, producers, studios, concert halls and other professionals. Some of them have asked us not to use their name in public, which is fully appreciated and complied with. Therefore, the list below is only a partial list of users whose association with FM ACOUSTICS equipment has been reported.


References were unsolicited and no compensation of any kind was obtained. The references are listed alphabetically.

Radio and TV

AB Television, La Plaine St. Denis, France
Fuji Sankei Broadcasting Group, Tokyo, Japan
KBS (Korea Broadcasting Systems), Seoul, Korea
MBC (Mhunwa Broadcasting System), Korea
NHK, (National Broadcasting System), Tokyo, Japan
Polish Radio & TV, Warsaw, Poland
Swedish Radio and TV
Swiss Radio and TV
TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System), Tokyo, Japan

Other Users

Blue Chip Records, Stafford, U.K.
Classic Records
N. Dobler, Director IBM, Switzerland
Dorian Recordings, U.S.A.
FI Magazine, San Francisco, U.S.A.
Jerome Gladstein, U.S.A.
Urs Jelen, Switzerland
Hans Jud, Architect, Zürich and Honolulu
Max Kehl, Switzerland
Raymond Lo, Hong-Kong
Prof. Emilio Manzotti, Switzerland
E. L. Mariano, Architect /Consultant, Philippines
Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland
National Phonographic Library, Switzerland
Parabolic Stylus Co., U.K.
"Evoluon" Philips Auditorium, Eindhoven, Holland
Polygram, London, U.K.
Ecole Polytechnique Federal, Lausanne, Switzerland
Salvation Army
Roland Schällibaum, Switzerland
Sony Wega Produktions, Fellbach, Germany
Professor Ernst Sorkin, Switzerland
Staatliches Materialpruefungsamt, Germany
Prof. Dr. Jakob Staempfli, Switzerland
TDK Reference Listening Room, Tokyo, Japan
Telarc Records, U.S.A.
Tokyo Communication Arts School, Japan
TüV, Germany
3M France

University of London, U.K.
University of Zürich, Switzerland
Henry Winkler, Actor, U.S.A.