FM ACOUSTICS products are used by an ever growing number of musicians, producers, studios, concert halls and other professionals. Some of them have asked us not to use their name in public, which is fully appreciated and complied with. Therefore, the list below is only a partial list of producers, engineers and consultants whose association with FM ACOUSTICS equipment has been reported.



References were unsolicited and no compensation of any kind was obtained. The references are listed alphabetically.


Matt Aitken, Producer

Michael Bishop, Telarc Records, USA

Jimmy Bowen, Producer, USA

John Eden, Producer, USA

Leo Fung, Engineer / Producer, Hong-Kong

Allan Goldberg, Producer

Phil Harding, Producer 

Andy Hess, Engineer-Producer
Hanspeter Huber, Producer
Tom Jung, Engineer / Producer
Chad Kassem, Acoustic Sounds
Enrico La Falce, Producer
Mutt Lange, Producer
Bruce Leek, Recording & Mastering Engineer
Steve Levine, Producer
Tom Lord-Alge, Producer
Rheinhold Mack, Producer
Michael Mann, Producer "Miami Vice"

John A. Miller, Acoustic Sounds
Shawn Murphy, Engineer/ Producer, Studio City

Michael Murrey-Robertson
Carlos Olms, Polygram
Jack Renner, Telarc Records, Cleveland
Ralph Siegl, Producer

Vincent Sung, Engineer / Producer, Taiwan
Peter Waterman, Producer
Berthold Weintraub, Producer
Paul Whitehead
Gabe Wiener, Producer
Phil York, Producer,  USA


Tom Hidley
Mark Two Studiotechnik, Sweden
Krzysztof Wojtowicz, Chief Cons. Polish Radio


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