Introducing the Class Amp M1


Full speed ahead...


It is a great feeling to introduce the ClassAmp M1 precision microphone and transducer pre-amplifier.


The ClassAmp M-1's are employed in the most critical professional applications in sound, movie, video and audio pre-production. 


The M-1 microphone pre-amplifier utilizes a unique method. The concept of locating the mic pre-amp close to the microphone rather than in a mixing desk or in a remote 19" rack far away from the mike allows more precise recording, better RF rejection, high accuracy signal transfer and elimination of cable loss.

By rendering the system immune to interference, hum and noise, a massive improvement in transparency is achieved.

 The ClassAmp M-1 uses proprietary,
 pure analogue, discrete enhanced Class A stages. Hand-selected, high-speed semiconductors provide phase coherent pre-amplification and guarantee results second to none.

The ClassAmp M-1 excels in
 Absolutely superior signal-to-noise ratio and in  its headroom and output capability. The longest cables ( up to 600m runs have been used ! ) have no negative influence on the audio signal.

The ClassAmp M-1 provides up to +28 dBu of undistorted signal output and   gain from 0 to 72 dB. Other features like 180 degree phase inversion, precision phantom power, linear-phase low-frequency filter as well as adjustable  input impedance (which guarantees
optimal loading for any microphone) are ensuring that the ClassAmp M-1 is in a class of its own.

It is definitely the ultimate in microphone pre-amplification.

The Classamp M1 has been used in the professional field by artists and producers like


Tom Jung

- Joseph Grado

- Anthony Jackson

- Shawn Murphy

- Leo Nucci


and many others.
Dozens of the greatest movies have been recorded by using ClassAmp's.

They also have found great admiration for precision pre-amplification of transducers - from guitars, string instruments, woodwinds to bass and a variety of others.
With the advent of the ClassAmp M1, musicians, producers, engineers can achieve the absolute reference in recording quality.

Microphone recordings and transducer pre-amplification never sounded better.


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