Pre-Owned FM ACOUSTICS Products

If there is a budget limitation and one cannot afford an FM ACOUSTICS there is no reason to despair. "Good things take time" an old proverb says and there is much truth to that.


But sometimes there are possibilities to reduce the wait. Investing in a well-kept pre-owned FM ACOUSTICS may be a better investment than buying a new product of a lesser brand.

Note: the emphasis is on "well kept"!

The very long lifespan of FM ACOUSTICS products means that the investment is not going to be outdated and the units keep their value for many years, much longer than usual audio equipment. Well kept second hand FM ACOUSTICS units are highly searched after. While the price for a decent pre-owned unit is not "cheap" such an FM ACOUSTICS is often a better investment than other new audio equipment that lacks the musicality and where the value may fall more rapidly.
However, buying an unseen and untested product may bring negative surprises. The web is not a very safe place to purchase such valuable items - as several buyers have reported.
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Apart from the condition of the unit there also are counter party risks.
Always ask for a demonstration of the unit and ideally see that it is combined with the same components that you are using or planning to use.
Additionally, have the unit looked through by the local FM ACOUSTICS distributor or a careful and experienced engineer.

On the net, anything from nearly new to totally ravaged and patched-up units have been offered.
Beware of self-declared "FM ACOUSTICS dealers" and "FM ACOUSTICS engineers". Rather contact the officially appointed FM ACOUSTICS distributor who will best know if and where a pre-owned unit may be - or may become - available.

A hint regarding FM 300A / FM 600A / FM 800A:
when considering an old FM 300A, FM 600A or FM 800A make sure that the output stage of the preceding equipment (pre-amplifier) is below 600 Ohm and can drive the 4kOhm input impedance of these power amplifiers with absolute stability. The preceding equipment must not oscillate or create HF as this may heavily damage your speakers and amplifier.
  Several pre-amplifiers and crossovers - of various brands - do not remain stable and are unable to drive this impedance.



If you are interested in used units and would like to be contacted by our nearest representative, please contact us indicating that you are interested in pre-owned units and also indicate which model(s).

Please note:


FM ACOUSTICS LTD. itself does not offer pre-owned units.