Resolution Series 266-MKII, 266-MKII "R" and 266-MKII "RC"

Acoustic Resonance correction of the FM 266-MKII RC
Acoustic Resonance Correction * - absolutely phenomenal. A tremendous reproduction improvement is guaranteed in any listening environment.


The "RC" version of the FM 266-MKII features the phenomenal ARC -

Acoustic Resonance Compensation - circuits - yes, exactly the same that are incorporated in the FM 268C. 













Typical Room Resonance
Typical Room Resonance










In a typical rectangular room the 1st (lowest) resonance is occurring at the opposite walls of the room length (this is why it is not a good idea to listen while sitting close to walls) - in above Graph "P1").
Depending on the size of the room, these resonances can occur anywhere from above 100Hz down to 20Hz (or below for large listening rooms). This resonance is superimposing itself on the actual music which results in a colouration of the original signal.

Larger rooms with correspondingly low room resonance frequencies will be less of an issue as the resonance frequency is below the reproduced audio frequency range and therefore is not agitated that much.


The result of these objectionable resonant peaks will be poor definition in the low frequency range. In professional studios large bass traps ameliorate such resonances but size, construction limits, costs and lack of flexibility preclude this for home listening environments. With reasonably sized domestic absorbers such low frequencies cannot be attenuated efficiently.  


The ARC circuits are also helpful if there are objectionable resonances from other sources in the room, e.g. air conditioning or any other resonating surface or room components. These certainly have a negative effect on the resulting sound. They may manifest themselves more clearly when the set up of the ARC
is done and then can be dampened.

With FM ACOUSTICS new ARC circuits - all in pure analogue technology - such resonances can be corrected resulting in a much ameliorated reproduction in any listening environment. 


The set up of the ARC circuits requires knowledge and test equipment. Our official distributors perform this service at no charge to our clients.


To experience and realize the amazing improvement the ARC brings to any room, contact the official distributors in your area and request a personal demonstration. It is guaranteed that you will not regret it!


Or send an email to You will then be contacted by our local representative.




Success unequalled: the FM 266-MKII R true balanced Line Stage / Preamplifier
FM 266-MKII R true balanced Line Stage / Pre-amplifier


The new "R" and "RC" versions of the FM 266-MKII are redefining the absolute in line stage design. 


The "R" and "RC" versions of the FM 266-MKII use a beautiful remote control that is hand crafted out of selected wood at our factory in Switzerland.  










True-Impedance Level Attenuators

Compatibility with any domestic or professional equipment is assured via ultra high accuracy true balanced inputs including optimization switches
Compatible with any domestic or professional units thanks to ultra high accuracy true balanced circuits.

Linear impedance attenuators are installed on balanced inputs I, II and III.


These are very useful with today's high level components (converters, download servers, CD/DVD/Blue Ray players etc.) some of which produce excessively high voltages - far above the standardized levels.

Such excessive levels can overload input stages and they force the user to set the Level control on the line stage to very low settings, so low that often the line stage actually works as an  attenuator  instead of a pre-amplifier.

The precision attenuators of the FM 266 MKII series lower excessive levels whilst guaranteeing perfect balancing (not an easy feat!). This in turn results in optimized gain structure of the entire system and optimal Level Control setting. 



Optimal Gain Structure

Optimal system gain setting
Higher flexibility in obtaining optimal system gain structure via adjustable gain


To allow optimization of the total system gain - which can differ widely from one system to another - further fine tuning can be performed by FM ACOUSTICS representatives. This allows total flexibility in system gain optimization.


Any system can be set to an optimal gain structure - which improves total system performance. 






HR Modules

In the center: the new HR modules...
In the center: the new HR modules...


The new HR modules are used on the inputs. They help to achieve an astounding 100dB of rejection of Interference, hum, noise etc (100 times more accvurate than other so-called "balanced" units) making the FM 266-MKII immune against such negative influences.

This outstanding interference rejection ratio is achieved not with cheap op amps but with fine-tuned discrete Class A circuit configurations guaranteeing the ultimate resolution in the unique FM ACOUSTICS way.



...the new HR output circuits
Fine-tuned, discrete enhanced HR modules


"HR" type modules are also employed for the true balanced outputs. These new HR modules are the result of a multi-year development.


They achieve an absolutely superb level of reproduction.

Never before has such a level of accuracy been achieved.





Resonance-Eliminator Supports

...and the unique new resonance eliminators
...and the unique new resonance eliminators


To avoid negative influence from spurious resonance and guarantee positive stability the FM 266-MKII employs unique resonance-eliminator supports.


These isolate the unit from potential resonances. 





Meticulous attention in every detail
Meticulous selection in every stage


Purpose built testing equipment allows the precision Output Level and Balance controls to be carefully hand selected for ultimate performance.


In combination with top class interference rejection and ultra efficient shielding the highest level of musical accuracy and freedom of any non music-related signals is achieved.





Long-Term Reliability

Details that make the difference in long-term reliability.
Details that make the difference in long-term reliability.


Its the small details that make all the difference.


Here a picture of precision soldered flexible inter-pcb connections that protect from potential vibration damage and contact problems - this even in harsh environments. 

To the trained eye and ears these differences are noticeable.






The FM 266-MKII series provides you with


  • Music reproduction to dream of...
  • The only truly balanced pre-amplifier
  • Proprietary enhanced Class A circuitry
  • Absolutely superb rejection of interference and non-music signals - 100-1000 times better than other so-called "balanced" equipment)
  • Unbalanced and pseudo-balanced signals are automatically balanced right at inputs
  • All of the balanced input paths have precisely the same characteristics.
  • Tremendous headroom and reserves in input signal handling capability (+21dBv!)
  • Unique, true balanced outputs automatically optimize performance with balanced or unbalanced amplifiers
  • Fully discrete circuitry using special curve-tracer analyzed and listening-selected semi-conductors
  • No overall feedback / feed-forward
  • Outputs drive practically any load and very long cables with perfect reproduction
  • No more matching problems between electronics and cables
  • Precision "Balance" and "Output Level" controls guarantee freedom from noise & interference.
  • No stepped or inferior sounding digital or optical volume control
  • Internal transformer utilizes special shielding technology
  • Extremely low impedance power supply
  • Multiple on-board stabilization and additional stabilization next to individual amplification stages
  • Hand-selected and individually matched components of DIN, IEC & MIL standard
  • The Resolution Series® 266-MKII series are  T H E  ultra precision high-level pre-amplification centres featuring 6 true balanced high-level inputs and a precision buffered true balanced tape/auxiliary loop


To experience for yourself this incomparable precision line stage, contact your local FM ACOUSTICS representative. 



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