Resolution Series FM 245

...Transparent as the blue sky: the FM 245
...Transparent as the blue sky: the FM 245


Many requests have been received to combine the advantages of the FM 255-MKII with those of the FM 155 MKII R and bridge the gap between the single-ended FM 155 MKII R and the true balanced FM 255-MKII, two of FM ACOUSTICS most successful models.


This wish has been fulfilled with the introduction of the FM 245 Precision Pre-amplifier/Line Stage.


Attractively styled in full-width cabinetry it features the unique true balanced outputs of the FM 255-MKII while the four inputs and the tape loop are single-ended - as on the FM 155 MKII-R.

Such a single-ended - balanced combination is not wromng - like some might contend. The reasoin is straightforward: the large majority of so-called "balanced outputs" of source equipment such as converters, CD & DVD players, download servers, phono stages etc. are not true balanced. This is why the unbalanced outputs of the majority of so called "balanced" units actually perform better than their "so-called" balanced outputs.

Therefore, it makes good sense to connect the sources to the FM 245 line stage in single-ended mode and then use FM ACOUSTICS' unique balancing circuits for ultimate balancing.


The true balanced outputs of the FM 245 use sensors recognize which type of unit is connected. They automatically adjust for optimal interfacing to the unit following the FM 245 - be it single ended/unbalanced, pseudo-balanced or true balanced. This guarantees perfect interfacing to whatever type of amplifier or crossover is connected.


The FM 245 is absolutely transparent and provides the same singular realism in reproduction as the larger FM ACOUSTICS line stages. It far outperforms line stages of other brands, even at 300 % of it's cost. 


Some Features

  • Proprietary enhanced Class A circuitry guarantees absolutely transparent reproduction

  • Fully discrete circuitry using special curve-tracer analysed and listening-selected semiconductors

  • Freedom from hum, noise and interference

  • A quality of music reproduction to dream of

  • Tremendous headroom & reserves in input signal handling capability (+21dBv!)

  • All input & output impedances are perfectly linear over full frequency range

  • Zero overall feed-back / feed-forward

  • Sensors in the true balanced outputs automatically optimise performance with balanced, pseudo-balanced or unbalanced loads

  • Outputs drive any type of load and long cables (>200m) with perfect reproduction and stability

  • No matching problems with other electronics be they single-ended/unbalanced, pseudo-balanced or true balanced

  • Precision Balance and Level controls are used; no stepped attenuators, relay-type or inferior sounding optical or digital volume / balance controls

  • Built-in stabilised low-impedance power supply

  • 3-stage stabilisation

  • Discrete Class A tape send and return circuits guarantee superior recordings and optimal connection to auxiliary equipment like CD-R's, DVD-R's, tape machines etc.

  • Mains transformer utilises a special dual shield that prevents stray fields

  • Hand-selected and individually matched components of DIN, IEC & MIL standards throughout

  • Modular concept guarantees that the FM 245 does not become obsolete


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