Resolution Series 155-MKII R



An unobtrusive little unit but what an exciting one!

The FM 155-MKII R is now on demonstration at distributors. 


While conserving the exterior appeal of the original FM 155, the entire circuitry of the FM 155-MKII R is completely new (and much more demanding in manufacturing).




Many refinements that have been introduced in the larger FM ACOUSTICS line stages have been incorporated in the new FM 155-MKII R:  

  • Superb natural reproduction of music

  • Absolute transparency

  • Unparalleled freedom from noise & interference

  • Natural dynamics in highest definition

  • No more matching problems between electronics and cables

  • Proprietary enhanced Class A circuitry

  • Fully discrete circuitry using special tracer analysed and listening-selected semi-conductors

  • Zero overall feedback / feed-forward

  • Outputs drive any type of load with perfect reproduction and stability

  • Neutral; no colouration

  • High dynamic reserves

  • Input & output impedance is perfectly linear over full frequency range

  • Precision output level control; no stepped attenuator, relay type or - inferior sounding - optical volume control

  • External power supply prevents stray fields

  • Low impedance, high stability power supply regulation

  • Hand-selected and individually matched components of DIN, IEC & MIL standards 


Yes, it is petite, but absolutely amazing. The difference between the original FM 155 and the new FM 155-MKII R is so massive that it should really have been given a different designation. But then, the design of the original has been successful and the FM 155-MKI is enjoyed by thousands, so it was decided to keep the original description.


The new FM 155-MKII R is the absolute new reference standard; it is the ultimate line stage/pre-amplifier for use with single ended sources.


By using the appropriate P.I.T. cables it can also be perfectly interfaced with pseudo-balanced or true-balanced equipment.


No description can do justice to this fabulous new unit that outperforms anything up to 3 times its price.

To experience a unique treat, contact FM ACOUSTICS and we will advise our local representative to contact you.
You will be amazed.




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