FM 330 Linear-Phase electronic crossovers

Linear-Phase crossovers - unique performance: the FM 330 Series 3-way and 4-way Electronic Crossovers
FM 333 and FM 334 - 3- and 4-way Linear-phase electronic crossovers


  • Truly unique 36 dB/octave Linear-Phase electronic crossover 

  • Unmatched accuracy & reproduction, far superior to any other crossover ever made
  • Massive improvements of multi-way systems are now possible simply by replacing the existing crossovers 

  • Perfect step response with absolute freedom of overshoot and ringing

  • 90dB (!) attenuation = reduced inter-modulation distortion of speakers

  • Lower distortion of drivers thanks to reduced diaphragm excursion

  • Discrete balanced Class A input featuring interference rejection of > 90dB
  • No speaker lobing irregularities thanks to perfect in-phase response
  • The superb discrete Class A balanced output circuits analyze the load an automatically optimize the interface to any load,  be it balanced, pseudo-balanced or unbalanced. 

  • The outputs drive longest cables, including high capacitance and inductance with absolute stability
  • Proprietary, precision Linear-Phase response

  • No IC's, hybrids, op-amps, or transformers anywhere in the audio path

  • Pure discrete "enhanced Class A" circuitry throughout; no feedback, nor feedforward

  • Separate crossover frequencies for low-pass and high-pass

  • Ultra-precise crossover frequencies are easily adjusted via plug-in modules on front panel

  • Automatic muting of all outputs during crossover module change
  • Up to +27dBu (50Vpp) output capability and 10dB channel gain allow very high output drive voltage = superb signal to noise ratio of entire audio system

  • Delayed turn-on circuitry avoids switch-on transients, thumps and instability

  • and much more...


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