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With FORCELINES, cable technology takes a quantum leap towards the perfection of high level signal transfer.
This is attested to by the fact that leading artists, major recording studios, prominent concert halls and demanding domestic users the world over are replacing their loudspeaker cables with FORCELINES.


The perfect solution to high precision signal transfer

Applications & tests the world over have confirmed that FORCELINES provide the best results.
FORCELINES - FM ACOUSTICS unique high-precision signal transfer - proven by worldwide installations


For many of the speaker cables available today "magical" improvements in audio reproduction are claimed. The cables' features are often explained in nebulous and pseudo-scientific terms. No wonder they fail to live up to their manufacturer's promises! The fact is that signal transfer adheres to the laws of physics. The problem stems from the fact that most cable manufacturers' know-how – if there is such a thing - is limited to the design of the cable itself; they lack proper understanding of electronic circuit design and the specific requirements of the many different output stages of amplifiers and the multitude of differing characteristics of speakers. Only with exact understanding of these - in conjunction with cable-specific design criteria - is the correct design achievable.

FORCELINES come closer to the theoretical ideal of perfect signal transfer than any other speaker cable available. The sound scientific reasons are confirmed by a wealth of proven results.





True Load Impedance


Speaker loads present complex impedances that require much higher currents and voltages from amplifiers than is generally believed. The nominal impedance rating of a speaker bears little resemblance to the real impedance seen by the power amplifier. Speaker impedances can easely vary by 500% over the audio range creating a complex load comprising capacitance, inductance and resistance that – and this is where the high current and voltage capability are really required – continuously changes with the music signal, the frequencies, level etc. Over the frequency range some speakers rated at 'nominal 8 Ohms' present the amplifier with an apparent load impedance that resembles anywhere from below 2 Ohms to above 16 Ohms while others even vary from below 1 to over 60 Ohms all of this frequency dependent. Nominal speaker impedance ratings, therefore, have no practical use as they do not resemble the real loads.

Because of these demands, the limitations of the usual speaker cables result in massive losses in signal transfer, especially with high quality amplifiers. These losses are clearly audible.

Furthermore, reproduction accuracy is lost because most cables dramatically lower the electrical damping the amplifier is providing for the speakers. Optimal control of the speaker diaphragms requires the highest damping - not just at the amplifier's output terminals - but right at the speakers. It is quite obvious that the cable connecting the speaker to the amplifier has a striking influence on the effective damping of the diaphragms and consequently on total performance.

Speaker cables must be able to transfer the tremendously varying currents and voltages of complex audio signals while at the same time assuring absolute signal and phase coherence. In quality systems every single mOhm (= 1/1000 of an Ohm) of lower resistance to signal transfer improves performance.



Cable Capacitance And Inductance


Speakers vary in their sensitivity to capacitance and inductance changes, and so do amplifiers. A characteristic unique to FORCELINES is that their capacitance and inductance is tuneable by the user (other cables have fixed capacitance and inductance). Thanks to their construction as separate individual conductors, the physical placement (and therefore the performance) of FORCELINES can be optimized for each system. Some amplifier/speaker combinations may work well when the cables are lightly twisted, while in other applications separating the two conductors will provide better results. It is also possible to keep the two lines separated at a fixed distance with the special spacers that are enclosed with every FORCELINES package. They allow fine tuning each system for optimal performance. Thanks to this, FORCELINES guarantee ultimate signal transfer with practically any amplifier/speaker combination. A few speaker designers opted to allow a peaky response that requires the user to invest in an – often expensive - cable having filter networks to achieve a half acceptable reproduction. FORCELINES are designed to be free of filtering effects and will faithfully reproduce these speaker anomalies.





In the manufacture of FORCELINES no cost is spared. Special precision tools and high-resolution copper drawing techniques (100x slower than usual) combined with highest-purity conductor material result in the lowest-loss signal transfer available. With their massive outside diameter other cables may look impressive but their size is simply achieved by using large amounts of cheap fibres and fillers. However, it is the conducting material that must be massive (fibers and plastic fillers obviously do not conduct signals). A good indicator for the amount of conducting material used is the weight of a cable as good conductors are heavy (one can find quite a few 'garden-hose' sized cables that can be lifted with two fingers indicating very little actiual conducting material).

It is more than simply the use of massive amounts of enhanced copper which makes FORCELINES unique. Special measures are taken to optimize the individual strands for precision signal transfer. With use of proprietary technology, signal reflection - a problem with many cables - is rendered practically non-existent. The result is completely linear, time- and phase-coherent signal transfer.





The widely used standard five-way binding posts and 4mm 'banana plug' connectors are not really satisfactory for accurate transfer of dynamic high level signals. To complement the unique characteristics of FORCELINES, proprietary connectors that assure ultimate signal transfer have been developed. These unique FORCEPLUG 200 and FORCELUG 25 connectors have a special MIL spec. coating and feature a current handling capability of no less than 1800 A peak.

FORCEPLUG 200 precision connectors are carefully terminated to FORCELINES. These proprietary connectors perfectly accommodate the enormous conductor cross-section of FORCELINES.

Specially coated contact areas guarantee a contact resistance of less than 0.00008 Ohms – that is 80 millionth of one Ohm (!), much better than any other audio connector. It is obvious why the resulting performance is unequalled.

FORCEPLUG 200 connectors use multiple, large-surface area, controlled inertia contact springs. They are used exclusively with FM ACOUSTICS precision amplifiers and guarantee ultra low loss contact of a singular standard.

FORCELUG 25 are precision, high-power spade terminals and employ the same proprietary MIL spec. coating as the FORCEPLUG 200. They are used for lowest-loss connection of FORCELINES to the usual speaker terminals.





FM ACOUSTICS' singular concept of solving the entire interface between amplifiers and speakers results in a pristine signal transfer assuring unrivalled system performance.

FORCELINES are not system dependent and will bring improvements in any reasonable system



Types Of Forcelines


There are three types of FORCELINES. All are based on identical design criteria, technology and manufacturing. They yield similar performance characteristics. Correct selection depends on the system components and the length of interconnection.


FORCELINES 3 have an immense purified copper conductor cross-section that corresponds to AWG 3 (25.6 mm2). They provide the absolutely highest precision signal transfer and are for use with the most demanding speakers of low impedance including speaker with multiple paralleled drivers.

FORCELINES 5 contain a purified copper conductor cross-section that corresponds to AWG 5 (16.5 mm2). They are recommended for mid- and large-sized speakers of any impedance. They guarantee ultimate signal transfer of quality speaker systems even if they have a low impedance.

FORCELINES 7 contain a purified copper conductor cross-section that corresponds to AWG 7 (10.3 mm2). They are recommended for mid-sized and smaller speakers. They provide ultimate signal transfer to quality speaker systems even if those have a lower real impedance.


Some Specifications







Precision lowest-loss wideband signal transfer cables
Connectors are colour coded
Specially drawn, linearized & coated corrosion-proof, high-purity copper
Highly flexible, high-temperature and flame retardant
1.5m / 3m / 5m; other lengths on special order
-25OC to +80OC operating
Special cable spacers included
Foam lined reusable protective case


Resistance to
signal transfer

0.001 Ohm/m

= 0.00001 Ohm/cm

0.00066 Ohm/m

=.0000066 Ohm/cm

Wire size = AWG 5 (16.5 mm2) = AWG 3 (25.6 mm2)
Current rating 200 A RMS, 1200 A peak 320 A RMS, 1800 A peak
Voltage rating 500 V RMS 500 V RMS
Outer diameter ~10 mm ~11 mm

Resistance to
signal transfer

0.0016 Ohm/m ---- 0.000016 Ohm/cm  
Wire size AWG 7 (10.3 mm2)  
Current rating 140A RMS, 840 A peak  
Voltage rating 500 V RMS  
Outer diameter ~8 mm  



Ordering Information

FORCELINES 3 (AWG 3, 25.6 mm2, Resistance 0.0006 Ohm per m)


Order No

Connectors Cable Length Set includes Required for Stereo System
CA 24710 Forcelug 25 - Forcelug 25 1.5  m 2 Pairs 1 Set
CA 24711 Forcelug 25 - Forcelug 25 3.0 m 2 Pairs 1 Set
CA 24712 Forcelug 25 - Forcelug 25 5.0 m 2 Pairs 1 Set
CA 24720 Forceplug 200 - Forcelug 25 1.5 m 2 Pairs 1 Set
CA 24721 Forceplug 200 - Forcelug 25 3.0 m 2 Pairs 1 Set
CA 24722 Forceplug 200 - Forcelug 25 5.0 m 2 Pairs 1 Set



FORCELINES 5 (AWG 5, 16.5 mm2, Resistance 0.001 Ohm per km)

CA 24610 Forcelug 25 - Forcelug 25 1.5 m 2 Pairs 1 Set
CA 24611 Forcelug 25 - Forcelug 25 3.0 m 2 Pairs 1 Set
CA 24612 Forcelug 25 - Forcelug 25 5.0 m 2 Pairs 1 Sets
CA 24620 Forceplug 200 - Forcelug 25 1.5 m 2 Pairs 1 Set
CA 24621 Forceplug 200 - Forcelug 25 3.0 m 2 Pairs 1 Set
CA 24622 Forceplug 200 - Forcelug 25 5.0 m 2 Pairs

1 Sets



FORCELINES 7 (AWG 7, 10.3 mm2, Resistance 0,0016 Ohm per m)

CA 24510 Forcelug 25 - Forcelug 25 1.5 m 2 Pairs 1 Set
CA 24511 Forcelug 25 - Forcelug 25 3.0 m 2 Pairs 1 Set
CA 24512 Forcelug 25 - Forcelug 25 5.0 m 2 Pairs 1 Sets
CA 24520 Forceplug 200 - Forcelug 25 1.5 m 2 Pairs 1 Set
CA 24521 Forceplug 200 - Forcelug 25 3.0 m 2 Pairs 1 Set
CA 24522 Forceplug 200 - Forcelug 25 5.0 m 2 Pairs 1 Sets



         Any other length can be made to order.



FORCELINES                                                                    YOU'VE NEVER HEARD IT SO GOOD.


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