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FM ACOUSTICS Precision interface Technology cables. correct system interfacing is guaranteed
Precision interface Technology cables guarantee correct system interfacing. Dozens of different versions optimize performance in any system.


The leading experts in precision interfacing have combined their skills with FM ACOUSTICS engineers to create interconnect cables for ultimate signal transfer.
Precision Interface Technology® cables allow an accuracy of system interfacing that has never before been possible.


















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By simply replacing existing cables with P.I.T. interconnect cables, an often amazing reduction of a system's hum and noise is possible with a consequentially improved performance.

Precision Interface Technology® interconnects are designed to guarantee optimal interface in a large variety of systems. Unlike the usual optimization of just the cables's characteristics, P.I.T. interconnects are optimized in all parameters that influence signal transmission. Such optimization must include the output and input stages of the audio electronics, a fact that is not taken into proper consideration by other cable manufacturers. It is this complete design approach that results in the unique performance of Precision Interface Technology® interconnects.

The perfect symmetry of these cables allow a quality of balanced and unbalanced interconnection standard that up until now has been impossible.

Contact your local representative with detailed information on your system components. He will assist you in selecting the cables that will provide optimal system interfacing in your specific application.





Interconnect Cables by Precision Interface Technology® are different from other cables. Their unmatched neutrality is not simply due to the optimization of individual cable parameters. It is the result of the most comprehensive research and an in-depth understanding of every aspect of precision signal transmission.

A detailed analysis of the entire signal transfer chain must take into account all possible variations in grounding, shielding as well as all aspects of interference rejection. Final system performance depends not just on the characteristics of the cable but also on the proper match with the input and output circuits to which the cable is connected. It is in this area that existing interconnect designs show the most obvious limitations.

The large number of possible component combinations require different interface solutions for each system. There is no single cable that can satisfy such multiple requirements. Precision Interface Technology® offers specifically optimized interconnects for any application. With dozens of different cables to choose from, the correct solution for any system interface can be guaranteed, whether it is true-balanced, earth-free, pseudo-balanced, unbalanced or any combination thereof.

Technical Bulletin No. 31 provides more detailed information on how to choose the correct cable for the various interconnect requirements.




Precision Interface Technology® cables make exclusive use a proprietary dual shielding technology that:


  • allows a signal-to-noise ratio and interference rejection of 130dB (which is 20 to 50 dB higher(!) than the other high quality interconnect cables)

  • guarantees optimal shielding to frequencies above 100 MHz

  • eliminates interference signals by 100% proper conduction to ground

  • provides unparalleled shield coverage of 99.9% even when cables are bent (a situation where most existing cable shielding loses efficiency).

  • Furthermore Precision Interface Technology® interconnects guarantee:     

  • ultra accurate balancing (magnitudes better than other so-called "balanced" cables).

  • extremely high rejection of magnetically and electrically induced coupling

  • lowest crosstalk

  • extremely low residual system noise floor resulting in better dynamic contrast and signal to noise ratio

  • optimized inter-cable and shield/signal wire capacitance/inductance

  • absolutely phase accurate signal transfer

  • elimination of time smear

  • perfect linearity with both static and dynamic signals

  • elimination of skin effect throughout entire audio bandwidth

  • signal-transfer speed 1000 times faster than what is required for perfect audio reproduction

  • preservation of time coherence even over long distances

  • all cable parameters are carefully optimized with consideration for all variables, including a wide variety of output and input stages

  • extreme flexibility avoids strain on chassis receptacles. No non-optimal connection due to mechanical stress

  • lifetime warranty




In Precision Interface Technology® cables precision connectors are used. These connectors incorporate a unique exponentially enhanced contact area that takes into account the tolerances of RCA/Phono receptables. Self cleaning contacts assure 100% proper connection to any RCA-Phono receptable.
Connecting noises, thumps or impulses that could cause harm to equipment are avoided by using precision machined spring-loaded contacts which assure that the ground is secured before the signal pin makes contact.

Low tolerance XLR connectors are used. All Precision Interface Technology® connectors feature patented strain relief techniques. Manufacturing and soldering techniques of the highest integrity are employed.
Precision Interface Technology® interconnects are painstakingly handcrafted in Switzerland and come with a lifetime warranty.

They outperform cables costing 10 times their price. 



Star Grounding Capability


Precision Interface Technology® interconnect cables are also unique in aspects not normally addressed in other cable designs: 

  • Precision Interface Technology® interconnect cables can guarantee proper star grounding of an entire audio system (provided that the system is entirely wired with P. I. T. interconnects and grounding rules are adhered to). Intercable ground loops are avoided, resulting in greatly improved system stability, remarkably lower hum and noise and proper shielding from interference and RF sources.
    Balanced systems gain astonishingly when true balanced Precision Interface Technology® cables are installed.
  • While audio signals are not directional (AC = alternating current) and therefore do not travel in one direction as some contend, it is important which side of the cable is connected to the source. To guarantee 100% optimal results in any system, the 'source' side of Precision Interface Technology® interconnects is coded (the cable side that must be connected to the source of the signal = the preceding unit).
  • Precision Interface Technology® interconnects features a unique floating shield that rejects unwanted signal components such as hum, noise, interference of any kind.


A T T E N T I O N:


NEVER use a line level cable to connect an MC or MM cartridge to a phono preamp. For this purpose use the special PHONO CABLES

Non-optimal system installations have been reported due to a simple fact:

as P.I.T. line level cables and P.I.T. phono cables look similar (some versions use identical connectors) it may appear they are the same and interchangeable.

This is of course  N O T  so !

A phono cable has different requirements than a line level cable and for optimal performance must NOT be used as such (and vice versa). Actually, it is quite easy to differentiate: the P.I.T. phono cables always have an earthing wire between the two cables, the P.I.T. line level cables do not need this earth wire.



The fake copies of P.I.T. cables that are being offered in certain countries do - who would have thought ? - not make the above-mentioned differentiation.
One can often spot a fake P.I.T. cable when they lack the identification number, a tag around the cable near one of the connectors. Do not accept the cable if it does not come in the blue velvet pouch embossed/printed "Precision Interface Technology".

The copyists (and even several other cable manufactures...) fail to understand why 3 different "balanced" line level cables are required (because of the different types of balancing employed in electronics components). Only by correctly understanding the circuit's requirements is optimal system performance guaranteed.

Buying similar looking cheaper cables (there still is a difference to P.I.T.'s but this is not obvious visually) one may well end up with non-optimal system interfacing.

Fake P.I.T.'s are not worth the initial "savings". You get what you pay for.


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