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"By appointment only"  FM ACOUSTICS treasures...
"By appointment only" FM ACOUSTICS treasures...

ABSOLUTE SOUND's new "showroom" is not really a showroom. It is a listening environment that allows music aficionados to experience a complete FM ACOUSTICS system in realistic, non-tweaked surroundings.


"Now we have a chance to get our personal regular dose of the unique FM ACOUSTICS reproduction quality and are able to present the outstanding characteristics in a realistic, home-like atmosphere. Once you heard two channel reproduction like this you can forget all the fancy "stuff". FM ACOUSTICS' highly refined technology excels in musicality and naturalness" exclaims Ben Chia, owner of Absolute Sound.

... in Absolute Sounds' new listening environment.
... in Absolute Sounds' new listening environment.

The dedicated facility is the culmination of a twelve year co-operation between Absolute Sound and FM ACOUSTICS based on the appreciation of emotional content in music.

"Right from the beginning our rather successful co-operation has been based on music and mutual understanding and an identical philosophy towards uncompromised excellence".


Located in the Adelphi, the place for quality audio in Singapore, the specially built facility is available on a closed door "by appointment" basis.

This guarantees that music enthusiasts can experience the system in without the usual showroom disturbance. In this not oversized environment a fair representation of what can be expected at home is offered.

To celebrate the opening of the new facility, Absolute Sound, who is representing FM ACOUSTICS in the city state and the surrounding countries, held a splendid reception.


The pictures show how well attended and merry this gathering turned out to be.


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