Introducing the Resolution Series 118

Introducing the Resolution FM 118
The milestone achievement, one of the most collectible items ever

In celebration of the fortieth anniversary,
FM ACOUSTICS is very pleased to continue it's leadership with the culmination of power amplifiers: the Resolution Series® 118.

Opening up a splendid new world in music appreciation, this jewel of audio art is crafted for the few aficionados who own equipment that can reveal its phenomenal performance.

Only forty pairs of the FM 118 single channel amplifier will be crafted, each pair celebrating one year of FM ACOUSTICS' mission to create musical masterpieces.

The epitome of power amplifiers will be hand built by a small team that is specialised in crafting the FM 118.  It is hoped that up to 6 pairs can be made each year over the coming 8 years.

The first 5 years of production have been ordered already. 


Allocation is by country (most countries will be allocated one or two pairs). The Resolution Series 118 is reserved for clients with corresponding systems. It makes no sense to use this diamond with anything less than the absolute ultimate of systems.