I wish I never heard this...

FM 122 MKII Phono Linearizer
FM 122 MKII Phono Linearizer

At a recent presentation of remastered vinyl in London the mastering engineers remarked that the reproduction seemed somewhat less transparent than the final mix in the studio.


One of the guests mentioned that he brought his FM 122 MKII Phono Linearizer and suggested to swap it with the installed phono preamp.

There were no big expectations but the preamps were exchanged anyway.

Engineers and listeners were equally baffled from the difference in replaying the same track this time using the  FM 122 MKII Phono Linearizer.

The details that this smallish Phono Linearizer extracted from the vinyl was remarkable to anyone in the audience. The veil was gone, transparency and dynamic range improvements were clearly audible and this without adding any harshness to the audio signal.


After an extended listening session the FM 122-MKII attracted much interest in the present audience. As one of the excited listeners remarked:


"I wish I never heard this...".


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