Grand Prix Winner

Grand Prix for the FM 115
Finesse and tremendous rendering of dynamic signals


This Grand Prix  winner is the ultimate "shreck" of other power amplifiers

It is no surprise that the FM 115 monophonic high power amplifier was unanimously awarded the Grand Prix.

The larger brother of the Resolution Series 111 shocks with its finesse at the same time as precise rendering of dynamic signals.

The FM 115 has astounded everyone who has had the chance to experience it.


There are a number of reasons for this exceptional performance standard:

a massive breakthrough in ultra low-level linearity with a quite amazing positive effect which led to reconsideration of several other parts of the circuitry, a new true floating balanced input stage, a new mechanical support method - and more


In the December issue of Stereo Sound the famous reviewer Isao Yanagisawa elaborates on his personal experiences with the FM 115. It is reported to be interesting reading - provided one can read Japanese...



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