Grand Prix Winner!

The Grand Prix of Stereo Sound has been awarded to the...FM 115
The Grand Prix of Stereo Sound has been awarded to the...FM 115

It is nice to be able to announce that FM ACOUSTICS has been awarded the Grand Prix !
In carefully conducted multiple evaluation sessions the experts of Stereo Sound Japan have been so impressed with the new FM 115 monophonic high power amplifier that they voted unanimously to award the Grand Prix to this new FM ACOUSTICS amplifier.
The FM 115 is the (considerably) larger brother of the Resolution Series 111 which was introduced in 2004.

It was reported that the jury had no difficulty in deciding that the FM 115 would receive this prestigious award.


The FM 115 has indeed astounded everyone who has had the chance to hear it.

There are a number of reasons for this new exceptional performance standard: a massive breakthrough in ultra low-level linearity with a quite amazing positive effect which led to reconsideration of several other parts of the circuitry, a new true floating balanced input stage, a new mechanical support method - and more.


In the December issue of Stereo Sound the famous reviewer Isao Yanagisawa elaborates on his personal experiences with the FM 115. It is reported to be interesting reading - provided one can read Japanese...