Transistor Noise Selection


FM ACOUSTICS' employs an exclusive listening test selection of low level transistors. Measuring instruments alone are not sensitive enough to distinguish whether a transistor's noise performance is truly perfect for audio applications.

Even if a transistor's noise level measures o.k. on test instruments - which is only a static/momentary measurement (!) - its noise may not be acceptable over a certain time period and its actual noise quality can negatively influence audio reproduction.

This is audible at lower levels. In a true State-of-the-Art unit this is unacceptable. FM ACOUSTICS has developed a proprietary and unique listening evaluation process which every single low- and line-level transistor must go through. Only after it has passed all three selection processes is the transistor allowed to be used - in perfectly matched pairs.

A tremendous amount of work goes into each unit manufactured: e.g., a single monophonic FM 334 crossover requires 120 (one hundred twenty) perfectly matched, noise-selected line level transistors!

This means, for example, that before a single FM 334 can be manufactured between 400 and 900 transistors (the actual quantity depends on the yield) must be selected and auditioned on specially-built testing machines.

The most costly part is not the rejected 400 to 800 transistors but all the lost time for the selection of those transistors that cannot be used!