Wiring Harness


The higher the power of an amplifier, the more crucial the size, quality and routing of the cables inside the unit. FM ACOUSTICS precision power amplifiers are capable of delivering extremely high output currents at the same time as large output voltage - much higher than any other amplifier. Because of the huge currents, FM ACOUSTICS amplifiers require a very careful layout and assembly as well as elaborate interior shielding techniques in order to guarantee no negative influence on the low level stages.

All harnesses are wired and assembled entirely by hand. All contacts are pressed manually under no time pressure. The wiring harnesses are then tested on special contact-connection verification boards. Even the contacts used by FM ACOUSTICS are specially treated: a unique multiple coating (depending on the application, either gold or other materials that are optimal for their specific application, are used - gold is not necessarily the best material for high current/high power contacts).

These special coatings have proven to be more reliable than standard materials. In the larger amplifiers the usual contacts cannot be used because of the immense currents involved (up to 400 A peak currents have been measured!). Therefore, all high power connections are hand-soldered to MIL standard with greatest care (no crimped connections like is done in other so-called "professional" or "high-end" products).

The above picture shows the specially manufactured cable rollers and wire guides which facilitate wiring harness production. As wood is the favourite material of the employee responsible for these harnesses it was decided to use a nice wood for this cable stand rather than much cheaper steel or aluminium. This conveyed to the employee that we do care about her and her work. Such details help to increase motivation.


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