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To guarantee efficient, disturbance-free environment, it is vital to keep the production room clean and quiet. Working conditions exert a major influence on the quality standards attained. FM ACOUSTICS is located in calm surroundings in a non-industrial area directly on the shores of Lake Zurich. The well-being of our staff is of high importance: Maintaining positive relations, keeping a constant motivation to achieve the absolute best and assuring a comfortable work atmosphere are ingredients to creating the non-plus-ultra.

To guarantee optimal quality standards, there is absolutely no time pressure in the production, selection and test/calibration departments. Each craftsman/woman works at a pace in which he/she feels comfortable. There is no time limit in manufacturing or in testing.

Humans have their stronger and weaker days so to exert pressure on weaker days would lead to errors. What counts at FM ACOUSTICS is only the quality standard, not what some just call "productivity". This is the basis for the unequalled standard of our products.

Freedom from time pressure also enhances employee long-term loyalty to the company and increases individual motivation and well being of the staff. Most of the staff has been with FM ACOUSTICS for more than 10 years, some for 30 years.


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Last updated : 23.04.2024