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Proprietary software tracks the stock, production flow, supply, rejects of components and much more. However, there is no blind belief in computers as a computer cannot prevent humans entering errors, so continuous checks and verifications of the many thousand individual parts are performed.

To a large extent the long-term reliability of a product depends on the quality of the parts used which is why all components used in FM ACOUSTICS equipment are of the highest quality, higher than those used in consumer, computer or communication products.

Practically all of these components fulfil IEC, DIN and MIL standards.

Every single piece of every incoming part order is inspected. Not only quality and appearance are checked, but each individual capacitor, transistor, diode etc. is individually analysed for various FM ACOUSTICS-specific parameters.

Most of these components have to be selected by hand on specially-built testing machines: for instance, each and every transistor goes through a beta selection and is thereafter completely analysed on high-power curve tracers. Five different measurements as well as a complex dynamic analysis (unique to FM ACOUSTICS) is performed on every transistor.

Every capacitor is tested and selected for tolerance up to an accuracy of 0.1% (the tolerance of capacitors in typical "high-end" audio is ±10% to ±20%)! Other parts are subjected to further tests and selections. There really is no comparison between the way other manufactures are producing and what is done at FM ACOUSTICS.


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