Final Test


When the unit comes back from the vibration table the testing starts all over again. It is placed on another test bench and once again thoroughly analysed.

All initially performed checks and measurements are repeated. After this, all measurements are compared (from the data before and after the burn-in and vibration tests). If all test results are perfect and identical, the product can be guaranteed to perform reliably in any practical application for many years.

However, if even the smallest deviation of a single parameter is found, the cause of this discrepancy is analysed and the unit is moved back to the burn-in room to once again undergo another full burn-in test and vibration test cycle.

Copies of all data and measurements are kept in FM ACOUSTICS' files so they can be used for later reference. In this manner true long-term performance of all products can be verified. Due to these extensive procedures, the average final testing time is twenty to fifty times longer than with other makers.