Hand Soldering


At FM ACOUSTICS every board and every single connection is soldered by hand. Automatic wave soldering is not acceptable as the quality of such soldering does not reach FM ACOUSTICS standards.
Furthermore, the boards are not soldered in the standard manner which leaves an open cut that, over the long run, can result in oxidization of solder joints.

In time, such oxidized joints can become very troublesome and adversely affect the performance and reliability of the product.
At FM ACOUSTICS, all soldering complies with highest military standards. After the pre-selected components are hand placed on the boards, each component wire is individually cut and each joint is then hand-soldered carefully. This technique guarantees that the wire cut is totally covered with solder and that it can no longer oxidize.

Another important aspect is the type of board material. Of course, flame retardant P.C. boards are used. While most high-class electronics use FR4 grade boards, the material FM ACOUSTICS employs has some major differences:

a) All the racks that carry high current are extremely wide and
b) High-current boards using special, three times larger copper layers are used.
c) The boards are then finished with an additional special plating process.

These differences result in much lower resistance, better conductivity, less heat generation and clearly better overall performance.


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