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One of the most important considerations when selecting professional audio equipment is the long-term reliability of the product. An inspection of details such as the standard of craftsmanship, the quality of components used, the quality of the solder joints, the wiring, its current and voltage capability, contact materials etc., will already give clues as to the potential long-term performance capabilities of the product. Of equal importance is the standard of pre- and final as well as in- production testing that the units undergo prior to shipment.

To guarantee that failures are reduced to an absolute minimum, a vast number of involved specific dedicated procedures and quality optimisations have been developed at FM ACOUSTICS: with the exception of metal film resistors (which have extremely low failure rate of 1 out of 4`000`000 pieces), each and every part is individually inspected. Every single building block, P.C. board and part assembly goes through an extensive list of tests during the manufacturing process (e.g., comprehensive components pre-selection, visual and electronic board checks, multiple pre-tests etc.). This way every single component is tested between 3 and 7 times. Thereafter each stage of the product is individually hand-calibrated and fine-tuned with high accuracy, purpose-built testing machine.

FM ACOUSTICS maintains a huge and costly parts stock (over half a million components!) to guarantee the continuous supply of parts. For every product service and parts availability is guaranteed for a minimum of ten years. During these ten years 99.8% of all parts can be delivered immediately, a tremendous investment in parts. FM ACOUSTICS products do not become obsolete. Even 28 years old units can still be serviced and are guaranteed to perform as good - or in most cases - better than originally!
Many of the precision components used in FM ACOUSTICS products are not readily available as they are specially manufactured for FM ACOUSTICS or non-standard parts that must fulfil special specifications (such as e.g. MIL spec).


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