Comments on FM 122 - FM 222

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"The FM 222 literally revolutionizes the reproduction of LP's and 78's. No doubt this is the biggest advance in the reproduction of vinyl in the last decades!"
Reviewer's comments

"The FM 222 is simply breathtaking. In the evening we were listening to classical recordings. The listeners were absolutely captivated by the "weight" of the music reproduction. When the music finally stopped, everyone remained quiet; some were moved so much that they had tears in their eyes. We honestly required some time to realize we were not in the concert, but listening to a music system. An absolutely singular experience."
Comment after a demonstration in Germany

"I decided to purchase the FM ACOUSTICS 122 Phono Linearizer/Preamplifier because of the lack of contemporary competition for the specific function of this product. Now, I am happy to be able to have a high quality device that allows me to play LP records with such accuracy."
David Routon, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

"FM ACOUSTICS units cannot be sold as "high-end". They do not hum. There is no background noise and when you switch them on they work and sound perfect... A different world."
Mr. Ferlesch, Hi-Fi Burg, Rapperswil, Switzerland

"We have purchased the FM 122 with its FM 102 power supply, and we are very pleased to inform you that if vinyl collectors have not heard the FM 122, they have not heard the future of analogue. Quite simply, the FM 122 is musically excellent. It takes the bass clarity, definition and pace to hitherto unexpectedly high standard for LP replay".

Seiji Yoshioka, Director, Immutable Music,
Manufacturer of "Transfiguration" cartridges, Yokohama, Japan

"With the FM 222 late RCA "No dog"pressings almost sound like a "Shaded Dog 1S" stamper."
Comment of a listener at a presentation

"The accuracy of the FM 222, combined with the wonderful musical feeling, is simply superb."
Eckhard Hempel, Hempel Sound, Sydney, Australia

"I am delighted to report the connection of the FM 122 presented no problems and the results are marvellous. The sounds I hear now have almost antithetical qualities of crystalline clarity and precision combined with a weight and richness that I could not really have imagined. There is also much more "speed"; the whole effect is so convincing that I might become a stay-at-home, rather than bother to venture out to hear live music!"
Danny Henrey, London, U.K.

"By buying this unit (the FM 122), I made a giant step forward in this field."
Herman A. Witjes, Guemligen, Switzerland.

"The musicality of the FM 122 Phono Preamplifier is simply phenomenal. It reproduces music purely as music. Fantastic !"
Willi Maissen, Uster, Switzerland

"The FM 122 is really in a class of its own. The delicacy of reproduction, in combination with the features make it truly unique. A resounding success. They are now in constant use in our transfer facilities."
The National Record Library of Switzerland, Lugano, Switzerland

The above statements describe some of the unique virtues of FM ACOUSTICS products, but to fully appreciate their truly outstanding reproduction quality, the difference must be experienced in a well controlled audio environment.