Millenium Gold

And the winner is...FM 255 line stage
And the winner is...FM 255 line stage

FM ACOUSTICS wins the gold medal - again


After winning the first prize a year ago in Germany (for the FM 222 Phono Linearizer) it is nice to be awarded the gold medal again, this time for the FM 255 line stage.


As the 'Image Hifi' editorial team explains: "Amongst our team there was no real discussion about which line stage would be awarded the gold medal.


The choice was unanimous: there is nothing available in the world market that compares to the FM 255".

This surely is one clear statement but the gold medal for the FM 255 really becomes quite unique when realizing that this product has been available for over 6 years!

Compare that with other maker's products that are outdated within a year or two ... - and even then failed to deliver.