May in Munich...

FM ACOUSTICS did present rather nice music at the Hifi Deluxe show in Munich - exactly as was promised. Reactions were lovely. Listeners were enthusiastically positive - with good reason.
It is nice to be able to demonstrate why our products are so unique. Many heard the Harmonic Linearizers for the first time. The phenomenal FM 108 mini amplifiers driving an XS-IIIB system was an experience not to be missed - not to talk about the 5 way Inspiration System XS-IB driven by FM 1811's.
What raised the most eyebrows - even those of experienced professionals - was undoubtedly the FM 223 Phono Master. Demonstrating its unique capability in correctly replaying vinyl treasures by optimizing reproduction was a rewarding task but the real joy was to see the reactions when the "de-click" and "de-crackle" circuits were activated. Astonishing.
All listeners experienced the FM 223's real-time performance but a few are still debating and refuse to believe that all of this is possible in pure analogue form. It is.
At times the traffic was overwhelming and we apologize to all that have tried to talk in person but were unable to succeed. The FM crew did their best but it was impossible to accomodate everyone.
If there are questions feel free to call or forward them to us.
Please allow sufficient time - we were inundated with thousands of emails and requests, are working nights and weekends and have not yet caught up. Currently we have to ask for about 10-14 days of patience. Thank you.