FM 123 Phono Linearizer

The surprise was perfect...


It is the tradition of FM ACOUSTICS that we never announce an upcoming product that has not been evaluated thoroughly, gone through long-term tests and successfully completed a "0" series (this to iron out possible imperfections and potential production issues). This way  clients are assured to get a professional performing unit - without bugs.


A new unit is only announced when it is in actual full production. This way bug fixes, warnings, service calls or product recalls are avoided.


No one had anticipated that we would be able to introduce - and demonstrate ! - a brand new Phono Linearizer with similar de-click and de-crackle feature as the world famous 223. 
Housed in a similar chassis as the FM 133, FM 155-MKII R and FM 108-MKII, the 123 Phono Linearizer is not just "a 122 with a de-clicker" but a completely new design.

Of course, the FM 123 uses all the great features of the FM 122-MKII. Actually, the FM 123 employs a completely new circuit that draws on all refinements that have been introduced in the 223 Phono Master


The 223 and the 123 are the future of phono pre-amplification, the Phono Master in true balanced mode and the 123 for single ended earth-free applications.   

The refined circuits of the FM 123 employ the new HR modules and in addition a combination of the de-clicker and de-crackler circuits - similar to those used in the world famous 223 Phono Master.

Reactions to the FM 123 have been enthusiastic. 


The FM 122-MKII stays in production - it is ideal for music lovers who own flawless LP's and re-issues and therefore do not need the de-click and de-crackle function of the FM 123.