FM in Beijing

Elegant system in an elegant room
Elegant system in an elegant room

The opening of Beijing’s Sound Chamber celebrates 25 years of successful cooperation between Sound Chamber and FM ACOUSTICS.

Ideally located in the Sanlitun area, home to many embassies, an Inspiration System XS-III awaits listeners.
The living room-like environment is similar to a home setting so the customer hears what he can expect to be listening to at home.

„A music system has to be able to adjust to the environment it is placed in, not vice versa“ is the sensible credo - of which this room is a perfect example. No ugly room treatment is required.

Fabulous reproduction - despite the glass walls.
Fabulous reproduction - despite the glass walls.

Living rooms often have windows and the acoustical properties of glass are difficult indeed, so usual systems are unable to achieve a decent reproduction in such an environment.
But it does not have to be this way: here, the system plays in a room with a glass window behind the listener and the reproduction is fabulous.

Inspiration Systems are ideal in such difficult surroundings as they can be tuned to the room perfectly.
This active system is powered with dedicated amplifiers driven by an FM 255-MKII line stage. Audio signals are supplied from a beautiful turntable using the new FM 223 Phono Master.
Further sources are connected as per client’s requirements.

Reactions to the system have been unanimous:
„An absolutely amazing reproduction from such an unobtrusive system. It is elegant and brings to life the original performance in a very beautiful way.

Since December 9, 2011 James Chi and his dedicated staff is welcoming music aficionados to the Beijing Sound Chamber. It sure is worth a visit.