• over 40 Years of dedication
  • over 40 years of persistent research
  • over 40 years of advancements
  • Year after year developing milestones in audio

...Not an easy feat at all


FM ACOUSTICS was created in 1973 by Manuel Huber.
Over the years FM ACOUSTICS has quietly become the synonym of natural and accurate music recording - and reproduction.

The solid, 100% family owned company has been successful for 44 years - without any assistance from financiers, bankers, government and so on. 
"It was really good fortune that we never had to give in to pressures that other companies experience in their daily activities" explains Manuel Huber. "Thanks to this we were always able to follow our imagination and creativity without restrictions and without interference".
This - in part - helps to explain the accomplishments achieved.

FM ACOUSTICS' status as the uncontested leader in precision audio has been established through relentless research, thorough development, meticulous craftsmanship and attention to minute details in the Swiss tradition.

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We are very grateful for the support of our clients - without whom we would not have been able to build our dreams.

And we are far from resting...
There will be more enticing news!



In commemoration of our 40 years anniversary we announced the epitome of power amplifiers. Each amplifier is hand built by a small team specialised in crafting the FM 118.  

Only forty pairs of the FM 118 single channel amplifier will be crafted, each pair celebrating one year of FM ACOUSTICS' mission to create musical masterpieces. It is hoped that over 8 years up to 6 pairs can be made each year.

The first 5 years of production have been ordered - and many delivered to the lucky owners already. Currently orders for deliveries in summer 2018 are in the approval process. 


Allocation of this unique marvel is by country (countries are limited to one or two pairs). The Resolution Series 118 is reserved for clients with corresponding systems. It makes no sense to use this diamond with anything less than the absolute ultimate of systems.