Active in Tokyo

Elegant display for elegant products...
Elegant display for elegant products...

AXISS Corporation, distributor for FM ACOUSTICS in Japan, has been rather successful - and this for 17 years.

Their dedication has allowed a musically inclined audience to experience the thrill of a reproduction with FM ACOUSTICS products in presentations held all over Japan.


At the recent Imported Audio show Axiss reserved the largest room of the exhibition creating a most impressive demonstration space including a separated display area for the products they distribute.

An audience captivated by Toshio Muroi
An audience captivated by Toshio Muroi

An Inspiration System XS-I, driven by two of the world renown Resolution Series 811, was chosen to optimally reproduce the unique capabilities of the FM 268 line stage (the XS-I is an active system incorporating its own dedicated crossover and requires two stereo power amplifiers).

Sources used for the demonstration were analogue (using the FM 222 MKII Phono Linearizer and a rare handmade cartridge from Switzerland) and for digital sources the new Wadia electronics were available.

And Manuel Huber in action...
And Manuel Huber in action...

The presentations were conducted with Toshio Muroi, President of Axiss, translating Manuel Huber's explanations to a captivated audience.

Reactions were unanimous:

"...The most incredibly real voice..."


"...Violin tonality unheard ever before..."


"...The detail of sound and the transparency is absolutely incredible..."


"...A dynamic realism that I only experienced in the concert hall...".


"...I had the highest expectations when I was advised that you will present the FM 268/811 combination on the XS-I but never ever in my life could I have imagined that such a representation of musical events is possible, truly, it is absolutely incredible. How is this possible?".


"...Your equipment has changed my life. Thanks to your music I have become a content person...".


Listeners were left in disbelief when a 48 year old LP was played with the voices so real that listeners opened and closed their eyes to check who was really playing. One person went behind the drapes because he was convinced the band and singers were there.


The unique capabilities of the Resolution Series and the Inspiration System - which is singular in that it can be calibrated to any room - allowed a reproduction standard that left experts, music afficionados and even other manufacturers in admiration.


Most interesting - and not without humorous moments - were the Question and Answer sessions at the end of the presentations. This gave the opportunity to go into details about musical and technical aspects, reproduction, about performers, specific characteristics of instruments, the challenge of capturing and reproducing these without colouration and more.
When asked about future products Manuel Huber explained why FM ACOUSTICS will remain small and focused and why certain product types like turntables or CD/DVD players are not manufactured by FM ACOUSTICS until today ("...we only introduce a product when it brings a massive improvement over the current State of the Art. It just makes no sense to introduce a product if it is only a little better than the best. We have never introduced a 'me too'-product" and we will not do it...).


A very memorable event indeed thanks to a highly educated audience, immaculate organisation and perfect support from the dedicated members of AXISS.